If you wish to schedule a library instruction session, please see our complete Room Use Policies, then choose a date on the calendar below and continue with the form. 

Room 225 is a computer-lab-style classroom ideal for hands-on database instruction and in-class research; seats 34.

Room 226 is a lecture-style classroom appropriate for group-work, collaboration, instruction, and meetings; seats 40.

If you wish to reserve ML 225 or ML 226 for non-library-instruction purposes, please review our Room Use Policies before submitting a reservation request through this form. 

Students may not schedule Rooms 225 & 226 and are not allowed to use the rooms without a faculty or staff member present. A University of Memphis employee must be listed as the responsible party and must be present in the room at all times.

Questions or Info re: Library Instruction or ML 225/226, contact Barbara Thomas (brthomas@memphis.edu).